Dogs on the menu in China

Cindy is plump and we want to slim her down, but in certain parts of the world people would see her as just right – for the table.   In the U.K. a dog is man’s best friend but in China a canine is often seen as an enjoyable dinner dish.  The thought of killing and eating a dog fills us with revulsion.  It is as much a taboo in the western world as it would be to eat people.   In a recent food ‘festival’ in Yulin as many as 15,000 dogs were slaughtered in one weekend to provide dog meat dishes for visitors who attended.   Dogs are farmed throughout China but Yulin is renowend for the quality of the dog meat which is said to have medicinal properties.   That this is superstition is obvious to us in the western world.

The dog farms are horrific by our standards and dogs are transported to the markets crammed together in small crates, their faces are pitiful to see.     I am thinking about this when I see anything for sale that has the ‘Made in China’ label.    Apparently the Chinese government is considering banning the sale of dog meat.   It can’t happen too quickly.   We are writing to the Chinese Embassy to see how far this has progressed, in the meantime, lots of prayers for the poor dogs in China please.

Lighting a candle or burning some incense is a good way to focus thoughts and send good prayers, blessings and intentions, it’s an aid to meditation too.   We have not put the pictures of the farmed dogs online as they are just too distressing.