Our prayers for the dogs left in the radiation zone   – Isn’t it great to know that in spite of all their misery and danger, the animal lovers of Japan are thinking about the poor dogs who have been left in the nuclear disaster zone.   When a volunteer at an animal sanctuary in the Chiba prefercture saw a picture of a pack of dogs roaming the streets in an abandoned town close to the reactor plants, she knew that she had to do something to save them.   Some of the dogs were actually waiting at the railway station for people who would never be returning from work.

Seven volunteers left Tokyo last weekend on the rescue mission.  They had to be kitted out with protective clothing although most of it was home made.   Twenty dogs in total were saved and their rescuers took them in to a veterinary clinic.   Sadly, there are many more who need to be fetched out and this wonderful group of people are determined to go back to get them.   Our prayers are with them and with all the animals who have been exposed to nuclear radiation and left to fend for themselves.