Will it stop the strays?    Our experience over a great many years is that it won’t make any difference.   The organisations who are campaigning for it so loudly don’t take in stray dogs.   Microchipping is a wonderful aid in restoring lost pets to their loving and caring owners.   The majority of dogs who do bad things and go on the attack have irresponsible owners.   They are not strays when they come in here, they have been abandoned.

Whether these dogs are microchipped or not does not make any difference.   A call to the owner brings a dismissive response – ‘Naw, I got rid of ‘im two years ago.’   or ‘My boyfriend took him when he left,’ or ‘I sold that dog last month, no, don’t know the bloke’s name.’    Or there is just no reply because the owners have moved and haven’t updated the microchip register.

Increasing the cost of dog ownership, when the country is already on it’s financial knees, makes no sense.   Education is the answer, teaching people how to look after their pets will help them to keep them.

We are happy to give advice on any aspect of dog behaviour – please get in touch if you have a problem pet and we’ll do our best to help.