Cayuga Ducks at the Animal Sanctuary

Say hello to Donald, Daffy and Dougle, three Cayuga ducks that were recently brought into the Sanctuary for rehoming.

Cayuga Ducks at the Animal Sanctuary

It’s the first time we have seen this type of duck at the Sanctuary but we are already huge fans. The plumage has the most brilliant iridescent green shimmer. It’s beautiful to look at. The guys have really great temperaments too and can be picked up.

Cayuga Duck

The breed gets its name from Lake Cayuga in New York. They were crossed from a wild black duck and Rouen to create the breed we know today. They came to the UK when they were exhibited at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851. As the breed comes from North America, they are used to harsh conditions. They are hardy and both male and female (drake and hen) have good quiet temperaments. Their eggs when they first start to lay are completely black and this usually means the resulting offspring will have good colour. Cayuga ducks do not remain black all their life and often develop white feathers after each moult as they grow older.

We are hoping to find them a new home soon once they have settled in. If you think you might be able to provide a loving home (preferably with a pond or lake) please let us know or pop down to the sanctuary see the trio.

Cayuga duck trio