Isn’t it amazing how cats can balance so easily on the narrowest of ledges?   This is Delilah who finds a window ledge the perfect place to sit, her legs are curled up under her and she is perfectly comfortable.   Cats must have a very well developed sense of balance and dogs don’t have this at all.

Myrtle, like most of the other resident cats, loves to perch on the top of a fence post.   What is it about sitting on the tiniest area that is so attractive to a cat?

Orangina would always rather walk across the top of a metal gate (so slippery!) than go across the floor.   It might be a sense of adventure with this little miss though, she is a real run around young lady.

Here she is again, half on the fence, front paws on the gate.

And Dorcas, who is sitting on a wall that’s far narrower than she is.