The number of animal experiments rose to 3.7million last year according to figures recently released by the Home Office.   This is a 40% increase with more cats than ever before being forced by humans to suffer in this way.  The number of pigs being experimented on also rose.

According to a report from the Animals in Science Regulation Unit there were more than 1.6million animals bred for and used in genetically modified procedures.  The word ‘procedure’ is the term used by the authorities and in no way describes accurately the misery and suffering inflicted on these poor animals.   Even excluding these figures there were more tests on animals than ever, up 3% to 2.1 million.

Where do all these animals come from?  What sort of people could breed animals for research?  Obviously it’s a profitable business as the demand, according to the report, is higher than supply.

The Government and British Pharmaceutical Industry will tell you that it’s essential work and is solely to help humans.    How can experiments done on another species have any relevance to humankind.   Even if they did, we do not believe they can ever be justified.   Many human diseases are caused by our lifestyle and the pollution we continue to cause.   We are destroying the planet because of greed and disregard for nature.

As always, it’s the animals who suffer.   Experimenting on them and then killing them to try to fix things is indefensible.