cats - lillie 6Lillie is the latest rescued cat to get the benefits of Aloe Vera.  She came in after living ‘rough’ for a long time and she is in poor condition with a dry and unhealthy coat.   We’ve been using Aloe Vera lotion on her, it’s spray and easy to administer.  If she licks it off it won’t hurt her and already we can see an improvement.   We’ve been using Aloe Vera for many years and it’s a great natural product.

It’s good to be able to get it now in a convenient form from the Forever Range which helps  you to care for your animals in an easy and cost effective way.  It’s the way to keep your pets healthy, fit, clean and energetic – you can get the Aloe spray from us or direct from local agent Lesley – 0788 3566766 – if your pet has itchy skin or bald patches then trying Aloe will make all the difference.

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