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Polly the Pig is quite the Poet

Our lovely pig Polly is still looking for a good home. She’s spotlessly clean, well mannered and delightful to talk too. Actually we would be really sad to see her go as everybody has fallen in love with her at the animal sanctuary.

Pig for adoption at the Pet Samaritans

She’s quite philosophical and well read and asked us to share her favourite poem with you.

‘Twas an evening in November, as I very well remember,
I was walking down the street in drunken pride.
But my knees went all a-flutter, so I rested in a gutter,
And a pig came ’round and laid down by my side.

Yes I laid there in the gutter thinking thoughts I could not utter
when a colleen passing by did softly say:
“You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses”
At that the pig got up and walked away!


Lovable Tramp for adoption

dogs - tramp 10

Re-homed, thank you.  Where’s Lady?  If we only had a sweet girl dog we would have the real life Disney duo!   This lovable young dog, apart from being a look-a-like for the cartoon character, is acutally a cross between a golden retriever and a labrador.  It’s a great mix, very good looking and a fantastic temperament.   Tramp is golden and white in colour with a silky, slightly wavy coat.

He’s medium sized, not too big and with soulful eyes and an appealing expression – Take me home, pleeze!   He’s around 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated and so well behaved, it’s a pleasure to care for him.   He loves everybody and everything, walks nicely on the lead, and rolls over to have his tummy tickled.  He’s a sweetie.

This is definitely a dog who is going to be a faithful friend forever.  A super home wanted for him, you are most welcome to come and meet him.   We’re open every day between 11.0am and 3.0pm.  Please ring the bell on Reception (blue wooden cabin on right) when you arrive.

dogs - tramp 5

dogs - tramp 9

dogs - tramp

dogs - tramp 7

dogs - tramp 6

Friendly rabbit for adoption

bunny - bobo

We have a beautiful rabbit available for adoption to a very good home only.   He’s called Bo-Bo and is a pretty colour, white with grey and mottled markings.   Bo-Bo has been vaccinated and neutered, he is a friendly chap and likes to be sociable and make friends.  Rabbits need a lot of space for exercise, keeping them in a hutch all the time is not acceptable and is unkind.

They need room to run and play, letting them out in the garden is fine so long as it is safe.   A large pen is good and if it has benches and hutches to jump on and off that is even better.  Rabbits love to get up high and are good jumpers.  They need the exercise and lots of play items such as tunnels.  A space to dig is good if you can manage to provide it – just watch they don’t tunnel out though!

Rabbits are intelligent and gentle, they need regular companionship in order to stay tame.  Taking Bo-Bo a nice dish of treats is a good way to gain his approval.

It’s important to provide clean water, a stone water dish is best and change the water at least once a day, twice is better.  The drinkers to hang on the pen are dangerous because the water soon goes stale in them, it becomes discoloured and algae appear. It’s difficult to keep them clean.   If a rabbit drinks this discoloured water he will become ill and may die.

If  you’d like to come and meet Bo-Bo please get in touch.

bunny - bobo 3

bunny - bobo 2

Beautiful tabby cat needs good home

cats - millicent 10

Millicent has been abandoned by her owners and has been living outside behind houses for the past six months.   It is only through the kindness of neighbours who feed her that she has survived.   We’ve taken her in now and she needs a loving home.  Millie is a very sweet and friendly cat.  She is also exceptionally beautiful.  Her markings are excellent and the underlying colour ranges from beige to deep orange.  Millicent is clean, litter trained and well behaved.   She likes to be held and cuddled, loves her meals especially pouches.

If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

cats - millicent 7

cats - millicent 5

cats - millicent 3

cats - millicent 4

Ten hamsters need good homes – free cages

hamsters - big daddyTen hamsters have been brought in today because of their owner’s illness.   She has asked us to find them good homes because she can no longer care for them.  They are all used to being handled and are friendly, ranging in size from tinies to the adult one shown above.  He is gorgeous and such a friendly nature.

They can all go to their new homes with their cages and play balls – a small donation for the hamsters would be appreciated – the cages are FREE.  If you’d like to come and see them please get in touch.   Hamsters are delightful pets, they do need regular gentle handling and plenty of space – most cages are not big enough.  They are useful for temporary cages or for when you’re cleaning out though.

hamsters - with cages

This is how they arrived!

hamster - baby

This is one of the babies.

hamsters - big daddy 2

And this curly-coated beauty is one of the in-betweens.   We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm every day.  01246 455777 for more info.

Pusscat is so sad

cats - pusscat 1

This pretty little cat came in because her elderly owner could no longer care for her.  Ill health of owners often means that the pets are neglected, it’s a problem and we are seeing more and more cats and dogs in this state.   Pusscat is quite thin and was covered in fleas (we treated her straight away).  The infestation has left scabs and scores all over her body and round her eyes.   Now the parasites are gone she will soon heal.   It makes cats (and any animal) feel very uncomfortable though, the fleas itch and suck blood so she may be anaemic.  Raw meat, which she likes, will help.

Pusscat is an affectionate little girl but is also timid.  She has to gain confidence at present.   Her ears are dry and crackly with little hair, this may be due to her general lack of condition.  Somebody has cut some of her whiskers off.   It’s something that should never be done to a cat, whiskers are part of their senses.   They will grow again but it will be slow.   So her problems are not life threatening (we hope!) and she will recover given time.

Pusscat is a lovely looking cat, possibly young middle aged, well marked, she is clean and gentle and purrs nicely when she knows she is safe.  We were told when she was brought in that she had been spayed and she will go to be vaccinated later this week.

She has a lovely expression and the most beautiful limpid lemon coloured eyes.  Adoption anyone?

cats - pusscat 6

Home alone sister cats

cats - ginger sisters 3

When their owner passed away, Tina (above) and her look-alike sister Tia, were left home alone.   Relatives lived many miles away and could not take the cats in so they had to manage on their own until arrangements could be made for them to come in to us.  We give priority to a pet who is bereaved or whose owner is ill.

The sisters have been together since birth.  They are lovely cats, although rather overweight.   Tina and Tia are almost identical, they are real redheads – female ginger cats are unusual.  They have been spayed and are fully vaccinated.  While no longer youngsters the girls are in good health, clean and well behaved.   We’ve been told they have some Siamese in their pedigree – they do have an oriental and regal look.  Their plump bodies rather let the image down though!

Tina and Tia are a bit shy at present and still in the ‘settling down’ process.   It takes a while for a cat to adjust, especially when she has been in the same place for many years.   Some chopped chicken, a china saucer and yesterday we had them both purring though!

cats - ginger sisters 2

 cats - ginger sisters 4


Another cat dumped but a happy ending..

cats - leo 6

The day after we found Sapphire lying in the yard we had another newcomer.   This handsome cat appeared in Reception just before we were about to close.  The room was empty an hour earlier..  We went in to close up and there he was, sitting on the desk and looking scared.  He couldn’t have made it in there on his own because the door was shut

He wasn’t in good condition, very thin and his coat not brushed, his feet rough as though he’d been walking for miles.   Naming his was easy, he’s a ‘lion’ cat (a Maine Coone we think) and he’s huge with a fluffly coat and a white ‘mane’ framing his face.   He may be big but he is friendly and affectionate.  Picking him up reassured him, he was very apprehensive.   But where had he come from?  At least he’d been left indoors and not left in the yard.

Leo passed his health check and was vaccinated, the vet confirming that he was a Maine Coone and that, apart from being underweight, he was in good health.   Although friendly, he was still nervous and as Sapphire came in aroound the same time, we decided to introduce them.   It was an immediate success.  Sapphire gave Leo the condifence he lacked, she decided that he was her new best friend.

The Derbyshire Times came to take photos, before Christmas we were taking cats in nearly every day.   Cats in crisis!   Thank you to everyone who has helped us feed them.   Leo and Sapphire’s photos were in the paper and the next day we had a phone call.   ‘I think you’ve found my cat….’ It was Leo’s owner who had lost his cat over a year earlier.

Leo had disappeared suddenly, perhaps he had been picked up and taken away.  He is an exceptionally handsome cat.   His owners had searched for him and were overjoyed that he had been found.  It was an emotional moment when they came up to see him and confirm that it was indeed their cat.   There was no doubting it, he was just as pleased as they were.

Happy endings are what it’s all about, the only sadness was for poor Sapphire.  They had fallen in love, she would certainly miss her friend.

Not for long though, the next day we had another phone call.   ‘Can we take Sapphire too?”    Lovely people who couldn’t bear to know that these two friends had been separated.   A few days later and Sapphire went home to Leo.  A Christmas miracle?    Seems like it to us.


cats - leo 8



cats - leo 3

cats - leo 6

cats - leo 5

Pretty kitten for adoption

kittens - mimi 6

Mimi is ten weeks old and was born at the sanctuary .  She is a beautiful kitten and although she likes to play, she has a quiet and gentle nature.  Mimi is a tortieshell coloured kitten so there was no doubting her sex – all torties are female..

She is vaccinated, flea-ed and wormed and has had a vet health check, so she is fine and ready to go to her new home.  Her markings are exceptional, shades of cream, orange, beige, brown and black.  Mimi is fully litter trained and is eating well, she likes to be cuddled, picked up and sit on your knee.

If you’d like to come and meet her please get in touch.

kittens - mimi 3

Silver tabby kitten for adoption

kittens - marvelMarvel is a silver tabby and such a handsome kitten.  He’s nine weeks old and has had his first vaccination and a veterinary health check – he’s passed without any problems.  Marvel has beautiful markings and colour, he has a lovely personality, he’s friendly and loves to be fussed and cuddled.  He’s eating well – he loves food and has kitten pouches and Hill’s Science Diet kitten biscuits.

Marvel is a playful little kitten, like all babies he needs time to rest and sleep, a cardboard box, a cut down duvet, a fleece and he’s in heaven.    We like to give all our cats natural food, so while the kits like their pouches, a bit of fish or meat, cut up fine or minced, is good too.

Kittens need to be kept indoors for many months and definitely until they’ve been neutered or spayed.  It’s much too cold for them to go out this time of year, except for a few minutes and when you are with them.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying things for kittens – cardboard boxes are the best beds, you can throw them away when they get soiled and get another one for free.   Saucers are better than plastic dishes, easier to keep clean and if you go round the flea market or car boot sales, you can get them for a few pence.   They haven’t been made in China and come from the other side of the world either.

We’re open between 11.0am and 3.0pm so please come and meet the kittens – we have several other beauties, girls and boys, ready for new homes.

kittens - marvel 3

kittens - marvel 2