A very poorly cat

This poor old cat was brought in last week – she’s been living behind some gardens and fending for herself.   She’s a lovely friendly cat but she’s in such bad condition that it’s hard to tell how what her age is.  Poor girl, she’s emaciated and completely matted, with knots stuck right to her skin.   We’ve called her Misty – she is very weak and frail and not sure if she’s going to make it.

Some of her skin has come off along with the knots and her eyes are infected –  we thought her ears and teeth as well.   She tries to eat …. and she purrs, which is wonderful to hear.  Misty was very hot when she came in and her body felt as though it was burning up.

When the vet examined her he said her ears and teeth were fine – the problem was one of her eyes.   It is badly inured and will have to be taken out.   Will she stand the operation though?   The vet says she has nothing to lose, she is in such a bad way and the eye is a mess.   He’s kept her in, giving her fluids and antibiotics and will try to get her in better condition before he does surgery – which will be as soon as her temperature is down and she is stable.

We’ll just have to wait and see.  Even with all her problems and examinations and injections, Misty has a sweet nature and puts up with everything without a fuss.  Prayers please….